Monday, 17 August 2015

Slogger meets Brian on PW.

Needing a burn out I decided on a walk. As Brian from the forum was beginning his Pennine Way walk I thought I'd try and catch up with him en-route.
I parked the car at Crowden and set out at 4.30am. not wishing to keep repeating routes in case I'd get bored with them I ascended Bleaklow via Near Black Clough. Onwards across the Snake Pass, then a cross country detour taking in a direct ascent up to Kinder Edge and across the plateau on a compass bearing to arrive at Kinder Downfall.
Changing into shorts here I didn't hang about as there was an unusually high midge presence. Past the trig point I waited at Edale Rocks. This gave me a good view down to the top of Jacobs Ladder.
Pennine Way and day walkers slowly came past. I asked every one if they were Brian.
After about 40 minutes another walker came by who also wasn't Brian but stopped briefly for a chat.
I told him that if the next one wasn't him, I would be on my way.
Up the guy came, then the question was asked.
"I am A Brian" he said, "Bricam/" I asked, "yes" came the reply, "I am Dave Slogger" I said, "No way" a shocked Brian came back.
We shook hands and I asked him if he minded some company.
We walked together the 12 miles or so back to Crowden, picking up another PW walker, Jack along the way.
Many a discussion and laugh was had in their high spirited company.
A nice fella is Brian, and all too soon he went off to his B&B, Jack paused to have a late lunch and think about where he was going to camp for the night and I returned to my car for the journey home.
A few photo's of Brian ascending to Edale Rocks about 4.5 miles after starting and then with Jack at Bleaklow Head. Click on photo to enlarge, then again to escape back.

Other photo's taken during my walk starting at Crowden.
After ascending Kinder Edge I was looking forward to crossing the plateau and it's peat hags/groughs. Can be boggy but still atmospheric when wet. however with all the dams built, there didn't appear to be any streams at all, all the water held back into hundreds possibly thousands of dammed pools. As a result the peat is just about almost totally covered in a blanket of long grass - horrible! Absolutely spoiled the area in my opinion and ruined a very special area. Obviously they have their reasons for doing this, whatever they are, but in terms appealing wilderness area, a backward step. I am left with the thought that maybe all this grassland area now is responsible for the horrendous midge population from which everyone on Sunday suffered. I have walked the peak in that area for over 50 years and this is the first time I have encountered any significant midges.